Support Groups: Take My Own Advice

As many of you who follow me know that I have worked in addictions treatment. I often laugh to myself about how much our lives are filled with moments that we could learn from a person in treatment or in active addiction. Recently, I took a brief inventory of my support groups on social media and how many that I am actually active in.

Let’s just say that when I am doing well I participate in my support groups but those that I am not doing well in I have stopped participating in. I laugh to myself about this challenge because I would say to my clients that when they are the most challenged in staying sober is when they need to stay connected. They need to go to a support group because they may hear what they need to make another day clean and sober. I guess they would say to me today that I should take my own advice.

The one that makes me remember that I need to take my own advice right now is my healthy living support group. I cannot remember when was the last time that I checked in, read a post, or even admitted that I fell off and needed encouragement. I stopped getting connected to my lifeline of support.

Just like in one of the support groups that we offered at the clinic where I worked, there is no judgment in my support group. The shame of not working on my healthy living program kept me from checking in. I began to believe the lie that I didn’t have anything to offer because I was not active in my lifestyle change. I told myself that there was no need to connect. The truth is that I was not alone in my struggle but didn’t know that because I did not connect to MY support group. Another truth is that someone in the group may need to know the truth about my struggle and that this is just a part of our journey to healthy living.

My support group members are there for me and all the others who are on this same journey to living a fit and healthy lifestyle. They are not there to judge my progress or lack thereof. They are there to cheer me on in my small victories and hold me accountable to the goals that I choose. They are not there to tell me which goals to choose. They are there to tell me how they overcame some of the same struggles and hope that it encourages me on my tough days.

Yep! I think it is time for me to take my virtual journey back to my support group and admit that I cannot do this alone. I need to be vulnerable and transparent enough to find a person in the group who is doing well and give them permission to reach out to me if I have been missing too long. I need to be willing to allow them to hold me accountable to the achievable goals that I have made.

I am going to take my advice and go back to my support groups so that I can get the help that I need to live this healthy lifestyle on purpose and live this unstoppable life that I was meant to live.

What advice do you give that you need to put into action?

Just another day’s journey of learning to take my own advice and get myself back in a support group for healthy living! Peace.

2 thoughts on “Support Groups: Take My Own Advice

  1. Everyone need support at some time or another for any given reason, but the key is to be consistent in what you know that would keep you on the straight and narrow. Some fights are fixed, some are victorious in their own rights. We all fight to stay alive, day by day, but just know your support helps you to be able to sustain one day at a time!

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