Turning the Corner

transformationAs I prepare for this final day I am flooded with a world of emotions. I wonder what will come of this moment. Will I remember this day? Will it have the same significance years from now?

Turning the page on another chapter in my life means more than a new beginning. It is my moment of true change, a coming of age, a transformation that will leave me as a butterfly that has made it’s final metamorphosis from a caterpillar. Going back to who I have been is not an option because who I have finally allowed myself to become won’t fit in the box that used to hold the old me.

Today will be challenging because I will finally accept that I will not see the faces that have helped me to grow to this point on a daily basis. I will not be able to engage those who kept my mind sharp with challenging debates. I will no longer have the opportunity to touch the lives of the people that I have served for the last few years. That’s real.

I take away so many lessons shared with me along the way. Some lessons were welcomed, while others were a pain to bare but I did overcome. I have learned to choose my battles while knowing which ones were really worth rocking the boat. I have learned that not everyone works the same and to respect their process. I have learned that some folks are satisfied and others are hungry for more. I have learned that motivation alone does not equal change. I could go on but hey seems that I have a lifetime to share what I have learned with you.

Until next time.

Just another day’s journey of finally turning the corner. Peace.

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