Just a One Way the Wrong Way

This morning on my way to drop off my child there was an unexpected detour on the street. Frustrated with this detour from my little shortcut I proceeded southbound on the next street that had a “Do Not Enter” sign at the end of the street. My only option was to go in the opposite direction away from his school, to obey the “One Way” traffic sign.

Well, I have to be honest I did not obey that sign. As I proceeded the wrong way on the “one way” street my son says to me, “if we get pulled over by the police I am going to be mad, mommy.” I began to justify why it was ok for me to do this wrong thing in this situation and my son repeated himself in the most respectful yet firm way. I dropped my head slightly keeping my eyes on the road and said, “you’re right, that was wrong but…” I told him I was sorry and still began to defend my wrong decision. I then said I wasn’t ready to be sorry to God.

Then my wrong hit me like a mack truck. As I was trying to justify my wrong God reminded me that all unrighteousness is sin. That literally hurt my heart. I felt something shift in the car and felt godly sorry for what I had done. I shared that with my son and began to sincerely apologize, this time. Then God revealed another nugget to me. It was my sinful pride that made me think it was ok for me to go the wrong way on the street.

How many times have we justified something that we knew to be wrong because we didn’t want to be inconvenienced in some way? Does that make it less wrong? I mean in my case there was no signage to say detour ahead or signs telling the traffic which way to go. There just were orange cones down to prevent the traffic from attempting to drive through the trucks. I took a wrong turn following someone else and then decided I was not going to turn around again. I was wrong even if there was no sign. I cannot account for anyone else but me.

I’m glad my son was in the car today to witness the full process. Prayerfully he learned a valuable lesson about pride and what happens when we don’t humble ourselves. Just another day’s journey to learn that thinking that it’s “just a one way the wrong way” is not the route to travel. Peace.

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