Never Change

I recently had my feelings hurt at work about my health condition that I am trying hard to get under control. Of course the person that hurt my feelings doesn’t know nor would they care that the joke that they made at my expense was health related but…That’s actually not why I am writing today. I am writing to share a new me.

In the past after hurt feelings I would have not spoken to this person unless they spoke to me or if they apologized. As God would have it, I am fasting and praying with my husband about some things. Admittedly I had not gone out of my way to speak to this person today but as I prayed at my set time God brought her and the situation to my mind. (sigh)

God shared with me that I should never change who I am to accommodate the foolishness of others. Ouch! He reminded me that love does not keep record of wrongs and that I could not behave rudely even if she was rude first (ref. 1 Corinthians 13:5 ).  She is not the first person to be rude nor will she be the last person so I guess I have to learn to show love regardless. It doesn’t mean that I accept people’s hurtful words as truth. It just means that I know how I should react.

Just another day’s journey to learn how to never change who I am because of the foolishness of others. Peace.

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