Never Change

I recently had my feelings hurt at work about my health condition that I am trying hard to get under control. Of course the person that hurt my feelings doesn’t know nor would they care that the joke that they made at my expense was health related but…That’s actually not why I am writing today. … More Never Change

Growing Up

I get why some people don’t want to grow up. Making decisions about things that you would rather not make is hard. If I am still a child or act like one no one will blame me for being “wishy washy” with my decisions. I had to make a tough decision today and quite frankly I … More Growing Up

Simply Not Ready

I was sitting here thinking about this organization where I am board member and wondering about my role within the organization. From the time that I have been connected in some way to this organization I have had questions about almost everything and they have not all been positive. I would shrug it off as … More Simply Not Ready