Growing Up

I get why some people don’t want to grow up. Making decisions about things that you would rather not make is hard. If I am still a child or act like one no one will blame me for being “wishy washy” with my decisions.

I had to make a tough decision today and quite frankly I wanted to choose the “sparkly” choice. Unfortunately, I realized that I had committed to the boring choice already. Admittedly I pouted and stumped around, in my head, making up reasons why the boring choice should be missed. I complained to my husband and gave him all the reasons why I just shouldn’t go. I even tried to manipulate him into telling me that I should go to the “sparkly” choice.

Ironically the entire day a scripture kept coming to mind but I did not connect it until I was just about finished talking to my husband. ” It is better not to make a vow than to make one and not fulfill it.” Ecclesiastes 5:5 (NIV) That really hurt my feelings. I knew deep down that all my barking and pouting was about not being able to attend the event that I wanted to attend. I made a commitment to serve and I have to honor my word.

Just another day’s journey to realize that I am growing up. Peace.

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