No Explanation Needed – The Answer Is No

Saying, “no,” is hard enough but saying it without an explanation is much harder. I recently had to tell someone no and I struggled with whether or not I need to explain my reason or not. I decided I would just say, “No,” and nothing more but it still felt odd.

Society teaches us that we don’t have to our “no” while telling us that we do have to explain. Confused? The truth is that the reason you need to say no is irrelevant to the person asking unless they want to encourage you to change your no to a yes. Maybe we explain ourselves out of guilt or because we feel people should understand why we are saying no. Either way if that is our final answer the reason should not matter unless we are asked. Right?

Do you explain yourself upfront or wait to be asked?

Just another day’s journey of trying to figure out if I should just say, “No.” Peace.

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