Refocus Your Thinking

Colossians 3:2 Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.

When you are in the midst of challenges it’s tough to stay focused on spiritual things or to remember God’s promises for you. It seems that the more you try to move closer to your purpose, dream or goal that the circumstances of your present situation screams for your attention. Your present reality pulls you out of the clouds of your deepest desire of changing to remind you just how far you are from reaching your destination.

People, places and things threaten to remind you of whom you have been and where you have lived. Lies of never being able to overcome your procrastinating, missed opportunities, and repeated failures try to overtake your desire of a different way of living. You try to motivate yourself with positive affirmations and goal setting but it is no longer working.

You throw your hands up out of frustration as if to admit defeat but then you remember—you remember that God has your back. You remind yourself that the same God that kept you even in the midst of everything that you have experienced, will see you through this new challenge. You decide to trust Him knowing that all things will work out for good.

I have a friend who is on what I like to call a faith walk this past year and she has had to live this scripture. She has seen some ups and downs along the way and I know that she has wanted to “throw in the towel” or at least take back control from God. Somehow she is able to remember that although her journey may seem simple to some that she is on assignment from God and she cannot give up or give in to the lies of the enemy.

When she feels weak, she calls on her team of prayer warriors to help pray her through the tough times. Someone will share something that they are studying in the bible to remind her of God’s promises or send an encouraging devotional message. There is always something that draws her mind back to God and things above to stay focused on the journey instead of her destination.

She is not a super Christian with super human strength where trouble just rolls off her shoulders. She has real struggles like you and me. She has frustrations and challenges with insecurities about what her future holds but she chooses to remind herself of the things above and not on the earth.

My friend reminds me that this is a spiritual marathon and not a sprint. This is not a race to perfection but a journey with a perfect God who wants to be there with us for the duration of the trip. So the next time your past threatens to derail you from your destiny, refocus yourself and choose to set your mind on things above.

Just another day’s journey of learning how to refocus myself. Peace.

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