Think About It: Either Celebrate Father’s Day or Be Quiet, Please!

I know that I haven’t written in this format in a while but I felt a need to put this out there and hope for the best.

Celebrate FathersEvery year since I have joined social media, I realize that there are a lot of sad, bitter, unresolved people on Father’s Day. They unfortunately overshadow the ones that are happy and genuinely want to celebrate the father in their life. I end up editing my feed so that I can’t see the usual suspects comments because it is draining to see such negative and depressing comments about fathers that people wish that they had for themselves or their children on a day that is meant to celebrate the men who did nothing wrong.

Talking about bad fathers on Father’s day is like talking about death before someone’s surgery. It’s just plain rude and selfish. Would you want to hear about how someone’s aunt died from a similar surgery before going under the knife? No you would not. So why would you do the same to those who want to celebrate the great men in their lives. You leave them feeling bad for you and your loss when they need your strength to get through their surgery.

Father’s day is not a day to rid yourself of all of your anger, frustration, and pinned up aggression about a person who did not do what you expected them to do. It’s a time of celebration for those who choose to sincerely celebrate. There are people out there who wish that they had another day with their “Superman” but he is resting in The Father’s arms.  They wish they had another day to love on him because they know that no matter how many days they were upset with or without him it does not compare to the love they shared before he left this earth. They would give him a “two arm” hug and never let go.

This special day is also not a time to cheapen the celebration by slipping in a quick insult to the one who didn’t stand by honoring the one who did. You can’t say something like, “Thanks for standing in for my sperm donor” and think that the recipient feels good about that. It’s like saying, “You look nice in that outfit that I wanted to buy but couldn’t afford it. Good for you.” Just say, “Thank you for being a father figure. I appreciate it.”

If you are one who normally participates in this annual tradition of bashing father’s every year on Father’s Day, I challenge you to honor the men in your life on Father’s day and nothing else. Speak positive without slipping anything negative into your comment. If you don’t know any positive men but have a relationship with God, honor him. If that’s too deep for you, it’s fine to simply be quiet. It won’t hurt to say nothing on this day.

If you are one who celebrates the fathers in your life, share this with someone who might need some help with understanding how they cheapen your celebration every year. They can’t get mad at you because I am the one that said it. J Keep celebrating the fathers in your life and let them know how much you appreciate what they do.

Just another day’s journey of thinking about how to silence the negative Father’s Day celebrations. Peace.

Please enjoy this video by DJ LV called Daddy inspired by Pharrell’s Happy.

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