All or Something

Photo by spgbk

Photo by spgbk

I am a person who craves structure in my life with specific goals. Unfortunately, because I am a recovering perfectionist, I tend to still fall into that All or Nothing mentality. Which is totally unhealthy. I know.

I didn’t realize just how unhealthy this was until my workout time with my husband was minimized by 30 minutes or so. I decided that if I couldn’t exercise for the entire time that I anticipated to do that I would do nothing. My husband surprised me and went despite the fact that the time had been decreased. After he was long gone to work out, I immediately began to feel bad about my choice and wanted to change my plans back. Unfortunately, It was too late because my husband was gone and was unaware of my last-minute change.

Is that how you approach your goals? Is it all or nothing? Do you have a hard time adjusting when there are changes in your life? Are you sitting on the sidelines not moving forward in your dreams because everything that you thought that you wanted hasn’t lined up perfectly? All or nothing?

I want to encourage you to shift your thinking. Ask yourself does it have to be all or nothing? Is it possible to do a little towards your goal? I heard an interview with Tiffany Haddish where she shared how she began her weight loss journey. She told the audience that she began exercising just 5 minutes a day until she reached 30 minutes per day.

Five minutes may not sound like a lot but I challenge you to set an alarm and commit to spending 5 minutes on your goal over the next week. Keep going until you are ready to add 5 more minutes. WE have to start somewhere.

Since that day of giving up on going to the gym to work out, our expected amount of time has been changed almost every time but I choose to keep going. I accept that All or Something is better than All or Nothing any day of the week. I still don’t like having my time shortened but I despise missing the workout more. I have goals and my old way of doing things won’t work if I am serious about losing weight and getting stronger. I have to adjust.

What goal have you been putting off because you were thinking that it had to be All or Nothing? Can you adjust and commit to doing something until you are able to do more? Let’s chat.

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