Consistent Does Not Mean Perfection

Last week we talked about giving yourself the grace to start your thing with what you have and not waiting to have it all. Today, I want to talk about the imperfect journey to being consistent.

How many of you took the challenge last week? Thank you for raising your hands. How many of you fell off a day or two and kept going? Good. That’s what being consistent is about. It’s not about doing something perfectly without mistakes. It’s about the commitment to keep going back to try again.

I fell off last week during the challenge but guess, what? My commitment to my health hasn’t changed. My mind has not changed about getting my body moving. What about you? Are you still committed even though you fell off?

The truth is that I have more than one commitment that I am working on and I don’t always hit the mark. Therapy has helped me to not fall a part when things don’t work out perfectly. Being consistent is more important to me, today

Being consistent is going to the gym on a Tuesday since you missed Monday. Being consistent is choosing to eat your lunch that you planned to eat yesterday rather than ordering out again. Being consistent is continuing to save $20 per week even though you missed the last two Fridays.

Extend yourself some grace and compassion when you don’t execute your healthy lifestyle change, career change, savings goal, or other life planning goals perfectly. Get up and back to your thing. Remember that consistent doesn’t mean perfection. Just stay committed along the way. What is the one thing that you are committed to even when it’s not perfect? Let’s chat.

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