No Explanation Needed

Have you ever changed your mind about something and felt like you needed to explain why? Changing your life and/or lifestyle beyond a certain age can feel scary. Add in the need to explain why to those closest to you or even a complete stranger and it might leave most of us feeling anxious. It makes me wonder why do we feel like we need to explain our decisions to others when we aren’t quite sure that we understand just yet.

Many of us made decisions out of necessity or obligation years ago. What we chose served us well and helped us to get closer to making our newest decision. I believe that part of us wants to explain to get approval for our newest choice. We’re afraid of choosing wrongly again because we are judging the choice that we made based on what we know today. There is absolutely no way that we would have known that things would have turned out as they did. 

You are older, wiser, and have the benefit of life experience that is informing your newest decision. Ironically, none of that takes away the fear, doubt, and anxiety of starting over. Trust that you will learn what is necessary for this path in the same that you did for the path that you chose years ago. Everything might feel new and out of reach but after you become familiar, it will feel like a toddler who runs everywhere after learning to walk.

I am on my own journey right now and it feels like riding a brand new rollercoaster; scary yet exciting all at the same time. The excitement and fear of the new twists and turns with little warning to happen as I learn the ins and outs of my new role. I am not quite sure where this path is taking me but I embrace it wholeheartedly without apology or explanation. Honestly, I don’t have one and I am okay with that. That might be the same for you.

There might be some family or friends who don’t quite understand why you are choosing a new path this late in life. They might ask questions about what your plan is in an effort to try to get you to go back to what was familiar. That is their stuff, not yours. Stay with it and resist the urge to explain your new journey. No explanation is necessary.

If you are on a new path or ready for a new path and are feeling like you need to explain, ask yourself why? Let’s chat.

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