Consistent Does Not Mean Perfection

Being consistent is going to the gym on a Tuesday since you missed Monday. Being consistent is choosing to eat your lunch that you planned to eat yesterday rather than ordering out again. Being consistent is continuing to save $20 per week even though you missed the last two Fridays.

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Don’t Quit

Stop judging your journey. Stop comparing your journey to others. Most importantly, extend yourself some grace. The 2011 version of you did not have the wisdom, experience, or knowledge that the 2021 version of you had. … More Don’t Quit

You Were Born Free!

Hey Family! Happy Juneteenth! Got a bonus for you this week. Enjoy and share.   Juneteenth feels more like a time of reflection than a celebration for me. I cannot imagine what it was like to have realized that you were physically free after being in bondage from birth and I don’t want to know. … More You Were Born Free!