It’s OK to Begin Again

begin againI have been a part of another online Bible study recently entitled Made to Crave. It’s about how to crave God more than food and any other thing in your life. Well, somewhere along the way, I fell off. I stopped reading my book. I stopped checking in and I stopped reading the daily inspirational reminders.

I disconnected myself from everything that would help me to be more successful in this journey. I had convinced myself that I had everything under control in my life and really did not need to connect. Meanwhile I had begun to enjoy more foods and snacks than I usually do without any challenge from anyone including myself. I satisfied my physical craving but forgot to ask God to fill those cravings for me. I forgot to ask Him to fill my emptiness.

The funny thing is that when I recognized that I had fallen I said to myself, “That’s ok. It’s alright.” Another lie.  It was not ok but I  only had my voice of “un-reason” to listen to for counsel. Remember, I had disconnected from my online study buddies so there was no one to complete the statement that I said to myself. There was no one to say, “It’s ok. Just begin, again.”

Those words seem so simple yet necessary to hear. Sometimes when we mess up we need to be told that we can begin again. Remember learning how to jump rope and you couldn’t seem to get pass hopping two times. Someone told you to begin again. What about when you were learning how to ride a bike without training wheels and you fell? Someone told you to begin again. What about when you just could not remember how to carry the one into the tens column in math? Someone told you to begin again.

Life presents us with all sorts of challenges. Whether it is in our quest to lose more weight and/or become healthier, find our passion, or stop using some mind altering substance. Failure may happen along the journey but it does not mean stop all together. It does not mean walk away and never try again. When we fail in our efforts just know that, It’s ok to begin again.

Just another day’s journey of remembering that it is ok to begin again. Peace.

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